Rodney Howard Browne – Dzintars Testimony

This has been one of the most powerful conferences in which I have ever participated. Speakers like the pastor from Turkey and Retired US Army General literally shocked (in a good meaning of this word) many in the audience. After the camp meeting, I had a chance to talk to several people and all of them had gotten “their eyes opened”. The messages of those two speakers were such a revelation about what`s going on on the global scene that it`s hard to overemphasize it. It is really a life changing message about finances and other matters in nowadays society. Even to me personally (though I knew lots of things there was spoken about) there were many points of bad surprise…especially those in the General`s message about how far America has been pushed towards socialism, which inevitably leads to  self destruction and how fast things are escalating. I would highly recommend to everybody get these messages and listen to them, for sure.  It wouldn`t be a waste of your time. It’s obvious for anyone to see that a lot of things in this world are wrong, but not many of us had an idea to what extent  it`s gone. In order to fight wickedness and evil we have to realize and see it. We can`t beat an unseen enemy, but when it is exposed we know how to pray and what to do. And as the cherry on top of all this week we had an amazing graduation ceremony for the River Bible Institute students.


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