Rodney Howard Browne – Doris Testimony

Matt.13: In the parables of the seeds I discern where people in the word, believing the word and standing on the word are far more advanced than those who do not.  I would not want to live without the word of God.  Which, I believe, is why verses 12-15 explain why those who have received more in abundance. In the end of verse 15 it explains our receiving health and healing. In verse 20 & 21 receiving the word with joy but having no root, I believe, is because the word [seed] and prayer must go together. When both are not there, there is unfruitfulness. So prayer and the word would bring forth fruit.
Jer. 17: 7-9, so as the tree planted by waters, with roots in the river focused on Christ we should always be yielding good fruit.
As a teacher this morning said, “When the Lord has your heart, He has your money.” I smiled, as yesterday the Lord impressed me to pay for a couple’s books for this semester, as they are praying in all finances. This morning, before class the fruit of Love enabled me to bless the Mrs. with the book money. To God be the glory.  Also ‘Faith a fruit of revealing,’ became more real to me, as the Lord was dealing with me to come to R.B.I. for 9 to 10 months. I had been the only one who took my 3 great grand children to church. So when the precious Holy Spirit  made  real to me that I was not trusting Him with the children , I repented and it was impressed to me that I would regret the disobedience and it would also affect them. So the fruit of faith grew quickly, I packed my suitcase and left.  Needless to say I am hearing very encouraging reports from back home.


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