Rodney Howard Browne – Bill Testimony

At different stages of my life I have been the soil that is described in the parable. When I was young, I didn’t even know the word was being sown in my life and lived like as Pastor Rodney would say “Like a Heathen”.  At that time I was the roadside soil. As I got older I got into the rocky ground. I accepted the Word and wanted it to work for me but not being in the word as I should have been; when trouble came I fell away and went back to the way I was living before. I got married and started chasing money and success and got bills and mortgages and graduated to the thorny weeds soil. At each stage I was conscious of God and his will for me. I knew he wanted to see me do well. At each time I would start out with the best intentions and He being the gentleman He is, let me make my own choices. At that point, it led to my failure in business. I was full of pride.


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