Marisol Testimony

Trust is the hardest thing I cultivate with the Lord and those around me. However, it has been the most rewarding. Since starting this new season with the Lord at the River Bible Institute I have seen and experienced the love and power of God in a deeper way. Our hearts have collided and my faith has been growing strongly. It’s as if God were physically sitting right next to me and at the same time a wave of His glory sweeping the place. I am learning to truly live an uncompromised lifestyle by renewing my mind with the word of God. That is the first thing he said to me when I got here. I am going to learn the pure meaning of living an uncompromised lifestyle with and in God. He is giving me a fresh outlook on life. This is a deeper time of discovery of who God is, who I am, whom I belong to, and how he truly flows in and through people who are surrendered, yielded, and obedient. Pride will never see heaven. Where my heart is there my treasure will be also. Trusting God and building a loving and caring relationship with him sets the foundation on which our ministry together will flourish and accomplish what he designed it to be and function how He intended. The end result is the salvation of millions of people, healing, deliverance, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire.

I see God strong and mighty through these leaders that teach us the word of God everyday with passion seeping out of them. I watch and listen to them and I hear faith coming out of them like a roaring lion. It is amazing to see and be a part of. They are regular people like you and me and have paved the way for us. And I thank God for that and them. I love you all.

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