David Testimony

The message about the word being sown in your heart is powerful.  I can relate to this with the anointing destroying the yoke.  There have been a lot of yokes being destroyed in my life.  This month the lord has been dealing with me about temptations.  Flee from youthful lust.  There are some things you have to run from because they are going to cause you to sin.  Then, when you run from them don’t go back to try to see if you’re strong enough to handle it.  Run from it and don’t go back.  God will always provide a way of escape: 1 Corinthians 10:13.  Just because he provides a way of escape does not mean you need to just be looking for things that will tempt you.  We as Christians should avoid temptations as much as we can.   The Lord is so good, he’s a faithful God.   When the word is sown in your heart the enemy will try to steal that word from you.  You have to keep your heart right so that it can work properly.  Keep your heart right with God so the enemy can’t come and steal what’s been placed in you from His kingdom.  You don’t want to be the person who hears the word and when tribulation and persecution comes for the word he gets offended.  Do not take any offence in your heart.  When your heart is right, you can hear the word, understand it and bear fruit.   Then you will have a 60 to 100 fold harvest in your life.

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