Rodney Howard Browne – Sean Testimony

A personal reflection of how the word has been applied to me is in the area of soul winning and how Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost.  It is amazing how hearing the Lord is one thing, but for it to sink down into your heart and become a revelation to you is another thing all in itself. I can relate to Pastor Rodney when he talks about souls being his passion and how it is with him 24/7 and doesn’t leave him no matter where he goes.  Many people in the Bible didn’t receive the message of Jesus because it was offensive to them.  The word didn’t take root in their heart which never produced any fruit.  When soul winning and the word of the Lord take root, there will be fruit that is produced.  For example, if the word has become alive to you and is on the inside of you and you go outside the four walls of the church, people will get saved.  Also, another area where the word has been applied in my life is the area of giving and how multiplication and increase will take place if you are rooted on the word. When I heard financial scriptures and started to believe and see things take place in the natural I realized the word has taken root in my heart because I believe it and it represents who I am.  If your heart is receptive to the word you will be passionate about it and it will become a lifestyle to you in every area.  All we have to do is believe and receive.  If it is in the word of God I want to have access to it and you should too.