Rodney Howard Browne – Melissa A. Testimony

Rodney Howard Browne says that we are to wait on the Lord and trust Him.
We are to be a burning light for Him so that others won’t spend eternity in hell.
In history past the people didn’t know when Jesus was going to come, but they had endless trust in the Lord anyways.

According to Rodney Howard Brown we need to be more like them…and trust that the Lord will be faithful to follow through with His word.
There are three types of fires:
1. Fire now
2. Fire at the judgment seat of Christ
3. The Fire of hell
If you let the fire burn now it will purify.
If you let it burn now you will have precious jewels to lay at Jesus feet.
Ddon’t mock the Holy Ghost.  It’s not a game. One hundred twenty people were filled with the Holy Ghost on the day of Pentecost and they were endued with Power from on high.

The promise is unto you and your children’s children.

It’s not about a touch…but about a change.  What are you going to do with it?
Are you going to use it to reach your community for eternity?
You cannot care what others think. And you shouldn’t care about what you look like.  What God thinks is the only thing that counts.

When you are out under the anointing… you cannot underestimate the change that is taking place. The fire of God will burn out EVERYTHING that is not of God.    And you will be empowered to be all that you can be and you will be completely changed from the inside out.Thank you … -Melissa A

Rodney Howard Browne – Teresa T. Testimony

As you open you the doors the sounds hit you!!!! The yells, screams, hoots and hollering. The sound is loud and infectious! It’s like you are in the stadium of the Tampa Bucs fans at the best game. But no you have come to a place full of people that love Jesus more than life! This is just the second day of Winter Campmeeting but day twenty-two of the Great Awakening Tour! So far this place has been exploded with the raw power of God! We have step over into the full realm of what God wants us to be doing here in this ministry.

That is telling people about Jesus and demonstrating the raw power of God. We are making history, not just because we are live on TV every night for free, not because we have the best crew working, or that we don’t take an offering on TV!! We are making history we are so fortunate to usher in the coming of Lord Jesus Christ!  -Teresa T.