Rodney Howard Browne – Darrell G. Testimony

That what can I say about this last week?  There aren’t many words that can describe what God has been doing in me and for me.  There are many great things that I could go on about but I will just focus on a couple of them.  First, this has been a week of tremendous blessing financially. God has blessed me to the point of eliminating some major debt.  My car got paid off being the biggest of them all.  This will absolutely free me up to do many things that I have not previously been able to do.

This is something that I have prayed for, worked for, Believed God about for a long time.  Because of the debt that has been eliminated it will save me over half my salary back into my hands to help further fund the gospel.  Praise God!  The second thing that I would like to share is what God did on the streets this last week. Hewas able to be a team leader for a group that for the large majority had never been soul winning before in their life.

I was able to help train them and show them that the power of God works when we simply put all the pressure on Him and let Him use us.  We were on the streets for about one hour and the team I had was able to lead 52 people to the Lord.  This was amazing considering eight of the eleven people on my team had never been soul winning before.  God is continually faithful to His Word! thanks you  -Darrell G.

Rodney Howard Browbe – Jeff P. Testimony

This is about the caring and love of God for each person. Last week while soul winning, I knocked on the door of an apt and heard two small children making noise and heard a man yelling at them.No one answered the door so my daughter and I began to walk away. As we were leaving, we heard the windows rattle as if something , hopefully not someone, was being thrown against that wall and making the windows rattle. Even my 9 year old daughter knew something wasn’t right. I really didn’t want to leave but what can you do if no one will open the door? I felt impressed of the Lord to pray “that someone would open the door”.

The instruction went no further than that. So I stood at the bottom of the stairs and prayed for a minute or two and went back up the stairs and knocked on the door. This time there were no sounds coming from the apt. No one answered. My daughter and I began to walk across the parking lot when my daughter told me that someone had opened the door. So I ran back up and a young man stood in the doorway holding the hand of a one year old child.  I gave him our church flyer and he told me that his wife was the “God person”. He was an atheist. I asked him if he knew how much God loved him and had a wonderful plan for his life and he stated, “I don’t believe in God anymore.

I asked him if he were to die today is he 100% sure that he would go to heaven and he stated that right now he “was choosing purgatory”. He was very polite and very politely shut the door in my face. My daughter was disappointed that he didn’t give his life to the Lord, however as I explained to her, the Lord knew what this man needed to hear and by hearing that God loves him, I believe that this man will return to the Lord. It’s already done in the Spirit.  As we yield to the Spirit of God in circumstances such as this, God will touch their heart and they will be saved.-Jeff P.