Rodney Howard Browne – Jeff P. Testimony

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Recently he was at the post office and locked my keys in the car and had to call family to come and help. While waiting in the parking lot a man came up and parked along side. I asked if i could use his phone to make the call to family to bring other set of keys. Later he came out of post office, he started to get in his car and stopped and looked at me quietly for a second, in that quiet moment the Holy Spirit told me to share the gospel with him. a split second after the enemy said but you don’t have a script to read from. A split second after that The holy spirit said just speak!!!!, and so i did and he received Jesus into his heart, it was precious moment, and he was changed, made more joyful, and encouraged right before my eyes, we hugged and he went on his way. It was evidence to me The Holy Spirit is my helper! hallelujah!

Then as I was floating with joy after that experience, someone tap on my shoulder. as I turned, it was another man who said ” i over heard what you were saying with that other man and I want some too”, Glory to God he got saved and the joy and peace of God flooded him too. Then when my dad came to get me, who OH BY THE WAY!!, (Pastor Daniel always says that) I’m believing will be saved one day soon, I had to tell of what just happened while waiting. The far reaching implications of this GAT is not known, it’s GOOD! My family will be saved, hallelujah I now have the script Memorized thank you, to the Pastors, thank you Jesus. Thanks you… –Jeff P.

The Will Of God For My Life – Rodney Howard Browne

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Hi my name is Jared Johnson and I just moved here from Roscoe Illinois. Pastor Rodney Howard Browne and Adonica and their team came to my church last year and truly touched my heart through their ministry and hunger to reach the lost. I was attending Life church on a regular basis and was just hungry to continue to further my life in the things of God and felt a calling on my life to enroll into R.B.I. The Lord has put on my heart changing my life on a daily basis through renewing my mind with the Word, Hecontinue to grow in godly character into becoming more and more like Jesus Christ. I truly believe this is going to be a life changing process in my walk with the Lord. I am truly looking forward to fulfilling the will of God for my life while here on this earth. He says that this ministry is truly going to help me be the person God has called me to be by pressing the issue of reaching out to the lost and people in general which i have struggled with all my life. I have never really been an open person to others and already i am breaking free from that on daily basis by reaching out to others. It is such a relief to be able to focus on others and their needs instead of constantly worrying about my own. He since i have truly dedicated my life and will over to the Lord I have been delivered from drugs and smoking cigarettes and just recently by coming into agreement in prayer with others my lower back has been aligned perfectly after being sucked in and out of alignment for many years. Praise God. Healer and deliverer. All my life since i was younger i sought a life of pleasure through altering my mind with chemicals and nothing has ever set me free of the things of this world except the blood of Jesus which has gave me a desire to Love Him and others and by doing that i have had no desire to ever return to my old way of life. I have literally become a new creation in Christ and He is constantly working on my heart to change my thinking words and actions and always convicts me immediately on my shortcomings and areas that i need to work on. Since i have been keeping Him first my whole attitude and outlook on life has changed and I am being blessed like never before. He believes that things are falling into place on His time table one right after another and it has truly taught me patience in my life and He is constantly preparing me for promotion in my spiritual walk with Him.2010 has been the best year of my life and with God I know all things are possible. I know that it is just going to get better and better each and every day as long as I keep Him first and loving others and pressing in to the things of God regardless of how I feel. I am so truly grateful for my life now and I am looking forward to an everlasting change In reaching out to the lost and populating the mansions of Heaven. Thank you… Amen!!!!!!!!!!! –Jared J.