Ministers Conference 2010 – Boris L. Testimony

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According to Rodney Howard Browne after attending the 2010 Ministers Conference my whole world view is beginning to change to see more like Christ. I was able to learn how to flow in the anointing as an usher. Given the chance to be blessed able to server those Great men and women of God was a life changing experience. The financial business  teaching on the end time harvest has made an impression on my heart enabling me to connect what the lord is telling. How I’m going to be funding the End Time Harvest of souls.

After this Ministers Conference I can see and understand how much more I’m called to the nation’s, parts of this world where no one else has been. I can see how God is going to open up the doors having to do with funding the end time Harvest to get me into these remote places enabling them to be shaken by the Love of the Father. Rodney Howard Brown I now have a new mentor Dr. Phil a man who has let the Lord use him to make a way for many of us to go out into the nations where the Love of Christ needs to be preached. When watching Dr. Phil I received revelation on the renewed mind of Christ.

Now when I look at Pastor Rodney Howard Browne and Dr. Phil I see and hear the renewed mind of Christ in them reveling to me what the Word means when It talks about the  renewing the mind and what it really is. I have learned not to limit my personal visions or anything else in this life from here on out. The Vision is clearer more then ever now on what I have felt and heard by The Spirit of God upon my life and what he is doing in this world before the Return of Christ.

Just how big it really is and how he wants to use me. In doing this he is showing me who I really am and was created to be. Now because of all this I can say that the dream that has been inside of me from the beginning of my life is coming forward to where I can walk it out in my time hear on this earth. This conference has just been an all around stretch of everything in me and a major blessing in my life. Thank you  Rodney Howard Brown ..

Minister’s Conference 2010 – Tony C. Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

According to Rodney Howard Browne ,no limits Minister’s Conference 2010 was amazing! It increased my faith to believe God for property. My wife and I believed God would bless us with property for many months now and we’ve been denied by lenders and had no money in the bank. But now that our faith is increased, we believe God for a miracle! Our faith is lined up in agreement and we are standing on the Word of God that we are going to be taking the land which God has destined for us.

Dr. Phil Smithurst really impacted me when he was talking about the kingdom of God and eternity. It made me see things from a different perspective – to give my whole life to the Lord – no matter the cost. Rodney Howard Brown I could really feel and dwell on eternity when he spoke. It was so important when he talked about not exalting man, but exalting God, whether it was a bum or a president – not looking at the flesh (their titles or who they are), but looking at the heart of the people. That’s what being a true man of God is. It really helped my viewpoints and my focus on the

Pastor Maldanado came with a powerful word about a holy indignation. I saw how important it was for the church to have His power and His glory in it. The dominion of God in the churches is a mandate. Without it, they are lifeless and purposeless.

Pastor Andre, Ted Shuttlesworth and Pastor Rodney Howard Browne were all used by God in amazing ways. And I thank God for them and the opportunity to be a part of such a great move of God!