Rodney Howard Browne – Teresa T. Testimony

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So I had a lot going on. Rodney Howard Browne said that even though I had worked for the ministry for the past two years, that first morning was so different for me. Everything in the ministry was the same but I was the one that had changed. I got started right away in the department I was working in, the RBI office. There was so much that had to be done and learned. According to Rodney Howard Brown i got to see the application process from the other side, I sent in my application three years ago and waited like crazy to find out if I got accepted or not.

Working in the RBI office I have gotten to tell my testimony of how I came to school, how God is always faithful, and to pray with those that aren’t sure about coming to RBI. Rodney Howard Browne I stepped into full time ministry the moment I walked in as a intern. The Bible says in II Timothy 4:2 be instant in season, out of season! I am learning that I can’t have an off day because someone else is depending on me. That God has called me to this position to show others His glory and favor in my life.

Rodney Howard Browne says that the everyday stuff of working in the office has had its ups and downs, not knowing what to do all the time, that I  can learn. But the hardest thing has been the hours outside of the office, because internship doesn’t end when you leave at 5. The work day maybe over but now is the time when God starts talking to you about what you said or how you treated someone. It is walking at new level of faith and trust with God. Its burning out everything that is not of Him out of you, to make me more like Him. Because at the end of the day, no matter what area I work in the goal is to be more like Him in all I do. Internship gets to the crux of who you are, shakes out all the junk, burns the flesh, BUT feeds, grows, and matures your spirit 100 fold.

Rodney Howard Browne – Mike T. Testimony

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According to Rodney Howard Browne the very first time I was out soul winning I spoke to Omar Tehin from Africa. He knew Jesus as a great teacher but, now when he goes to bed tonight he will know Him as his Lord and Savior!!!   I spoke to a young guy who had never thought of eternity but he received Christ and will now spend eternity with Him.    I also was soul winning and got a Muslim guy on a cell phone to receive Jesus!! .

Yesterday I was at E. Condo Park and I had the privilege of praying with 8 people from Sudan, Africa; 1 man from Moscow, Russia; 1 man from Hungary; 1 from Korea.  Rodney Howard Brown I also prayed with 2 Jehova’s Witnesses.  In the evening, Jim, Yana, and I had the privilege of praying with 80 at Coronado Healthcare Center.  One man by the name of Levi was almost in eternity.  He squeezed my hand and prayed.  I also prayed with a Jewish lady who at first wasn’t open.  When I shared Is. 5, I said Yeshua, and she prayed to be saved.  I prayed for a creative miracle for a lady with no legs below her knees.  I also prayed with an elderly man who had some pain in his arms, and it left.  He also received Jesus.  Two others looked like they were dying, but praise God, one nodded and the one repeated the sinner’s prayer.

I went up to a house and a guy was buying drugs and he got saved as he was buying drugs we also went to a nursing home got to pray with over 200 and one of the staff members said god has sent you here . Thank you Rodney Howard Browne