Rodney Howard Browne – Pamela K. Testimony

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Soul winning outreach at The River Church and at RBI has been life changing. Reaching out to the lost in the inner city projects areas, the streets the nursing homes, schools and the local Tampa area has ignited a deeper passion within me. It’s awesome going with a team of people who has such a passionate heart and love for souls. Using the script makes it so easy to win souls. Just be a willing vessel and let the Holy Spirit do the rest. We have to go out and compel people to come into the kingdom of God.

There are many people that think just because they are a good person or that they go to church they’ll go to heaven. A lot of people aren’t sure where they‘re going when they die. God said the people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge” The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he that wins souls is wise” (Proverbs 11v30). The Lord knocked on the door of my heart and I was made righteous through Him the world is the searching for the truth. The love of Jesus. It’s commissioned by God that all believers are to go out into the world and preach the gospel (Mark 16v15).

Words can’t express how much I have been touched by sharing the good news with people. To see the face of men, women and children light up with tears coming down their cheeks when they receive Jesus into their hearts and He wraps his arms around them with His love. Their countenance changes from darkness to light instantly. Seeing the ones I’ve witnessed to come into church, getting into the Word, getting filled with the Holy Ghost and touched by the power of God. Hearing them glorify God with their testimonies of what He is doing in their lives. It’s phenomenal! It’s an honor and blessing to be part of what God is doing here in Tampa, Florida My prayer is that the fire of God burns likes an inferno in my heart and yours to reach the lost at any cost. The harvest is ripe!

Rodney Howard Browne – Nick C. Testimony

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When I first got saved we started going to downtown Orlando handing out tracts. I cannot remember anyone coming to Christ. Three months after I got saved at the River I was preaching in a nursing home. I did see results there but it was still within the four walls. I started traveling the country and the world with another Evangelist. I used to think we had to get people to come to the meeting and answer the alter call to get saved. It was happening but I still knew deep down inside there was more.

My life changed in September 2007 while attending The Great Awakening in Maui, Hawaii. In just less than a week I led 70 people to Jesus Christ one on one. That year I was still traveling but I was also able to attend The G.A.T.’s in Miami, Cocoa, Orlando, Sanford, Brandon and Fort Worth. I still remember a precious lady in a nursing home in Fort Worth. Her name was Elizabeth, after talking to her and praying for her she accepted Jesus as her savior and her whole countenance changed. After I left her room I realized Elizabeth had been lying there for years thinking she was going to hell. Now Elizabeth knew she was going to heaven. This situation fueled my fire and passion even more.

Since then I have had the honor to lead thousands to Christ and train many to do the same. I have had the honor been given to me to travel to place like Indonesia, Argentina, and Brazil having meetings and training and compelling the Christians to go out and win the lost. I have had Acts 1:8 altar calls for people who wanted God to touch them with His Spirit to go and reach the lost. Like Pastor Rodneys says it is not the great suggestion it is the Great Commission.

The Lord has taken me on the ride of my life from being on buses in Tampa, Taipei to Japan. Going into Muslim villages with a youth group and seeing God heal people who did not even know who Jesus Christ was. We had to tell them, all they knew was this Jesus had healed them and gave them peace. He has taken me from the streets of Argentina training one person to preaching to tens of thousands in Brazil. I know understand that scripture If we are faithful with little God will make us ruler over much. The best part is I never tried to enrage any meetings myself. That is why I know it is not by might not by power but by His Spirit. Zachariah 4:6

Rodney Howard Browne – Michael P. Testimony

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Soul winning has really taken on a different meaning for me. I remember soul winning prior to coming to the River and RBI/RSW. I had witnessed to plenty of people, but could never close the deal. I never saw anyone saved. It didn’t bother me too much. The people I talked with around me seemed to be in the same boat. Some had actually leaded a person or maybe even two to the Lord. Wow, I used to think. This is amazing. However, knowing that others had led people to the Lord or the fact that I had tried and had not succeeded didn’t make me feel any better about it. I also had been taught, in a subtle way, that really, seeing people saved was the pastor’s job. You get them to church and he will get them saved.

That all changed when I came to the River and RBI/RSW. First off, I really learned that we were all called to seek and save that which was lost. Its one thing to know it. It’s another to believe it. I began to believe it. The second thing I learned was to soul win you had to make a conscious effort to go find lost people. People who needed Jesus. I don’t think you ever forget the first person you pray the prayer of salvation with. I haven’t. The final thing, and this was the real clincher, was that you need a good tool; something that worked. I remember talking to someone who had actively gone soul winning every Thursday night for 2 years and never won a soul to the Lord. I told him it was like fishing. Don’t tell me you are a fisherman and you haven’t caught a fish in two years.

Finally, soul winning has become very natural. We can talk about the weather or sports. How about eternity? People need Jesus. So why not tell them.

Rodney Howard Browne – Marijke D. Testimony

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Soul winning has been a life changing experience. All we do is step out and God does the rest. We share the good news of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit works on the people’s hearts. Before coming to the River Bible Institute I hadn’t lead anyone to the Lord, honestly I didn’t know how and I was afraid of what people may think of me. When I first heard about the script I thought that it wasn’t really going to work. I was wrong. I gave the script a try, and it works.

The script works because it uses the word of God. I have seen hundreds of lives touched and changed on the streets by the power of the Holy Ghost. It is amazing to walk up to someone, read the script, lead them to the Lord and see their entire countenance change. Not only are people being lead to the Lord but people are also being healed and set free. Really going soul winning is just doing what the Bible tells us to, we are called to preach the Gospel to every creature, and to lay hands on the sick and they shall recover (Mark 16:15-18). Before I came to school I wouldn’t have imagined the anointing flowing through me while on the streets sharing the Gospel, but it does. All I do is step out.

There is nothing better than the Lord using you. The Lord has changed my life and when I go out on the street I get to see the Lord change others lives. The truth is there are tons of people out there in the world who are lost and searching for truth, when we go soul winning we are leading them to that truth. People’s lives are completely changed and all it takes is a step from us.