Rodney Howard Browne – Marcelino N. Testimony

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What can I say about soul winning? Soul winning changed my life and my family’s completely; there is no way to be the same again after you see people been saved and touched before you, and you see God using you to do that! The Bible says that who win souls is wise, and that is true, I feel so privileged to be able to share with people about the One who came with a unique purpose, and that is to save the world.

God’s heart beats for souls. As His true followers we need to obey His Great Commission (Matt.28:19,20) and by doing that we not only bring salvation to those who are lost but we bring joy to the Father’s heart. The same power and authority that was given to Jesus is available to every believer, but I couldn’t understand that until I really got a revelation of it. Once I did, I started to see fruits coming out of the times I would go out soul winning. Soul winning became a life style to me instead of just a program. I will never forget one of the times I was ministering to a couple and after they had said the prayer of salvation with me I asked if they would also like to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and they said yes. I prayed with them and boom they started to speak in unknown tongues.

The lady was so touched that she didn’t know what to do. She jumped, she laughed, she cried, it was an amazing experience! I always have a good time when I go out soul winning; the truth is that I never know what God is up to! I encourage you to give it a try for yourself and see how your life will be changed forever. Let God use you and be blessed!

Matters of the Heart | Dawn K Testimony

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I work in the children’s church and have been since school started. I am so amazed and in wondrous awe at how open the kids esp. the kids that come on the bus are towards Jesus and love and the Holy Spirit. We love on these kids and teach them the Word of God and when they saw those toys they were ecstatic! Some kids this is the only place where they are shown love. They come from broken homes with no fathers, our ministry is mainly to the children but the parents ARE ministered too by the awesome bus ministry. I thank God that I’m blessed to work with these kids and see their fruit. A lot of them don’t know Jesus but I have witnessed almost all of them come to the Lord and receive the Holy Spirit. They are very hungry for the things of God.

I have also done phone ministry and talking to the people who ride the bus is a joy. They are changing and their lives are. I see the Book of acts ministry being done in full swing at the Children’s Church. The kids were extremely happy to receive toys on Sunday as some come from very poor families in the projects and this may be their only toy for Christmas. We teach them the true meaning of Christmas, which does not include Santa Claus and Rudolph or the Christmas elves. Jesus is the reason for the season we teach under the watchful eye of Pastor Dawn, Pastor Adonica’s mother.

We always have an altar call every Sunday and last Sunday was no different. Over 100 kids came to the altar call and gave their lives to the Lord. This was awesome to see! Our praise and worship is an intimate experience for the kids and staff as well. The Holy Spirit falls on everyone.

Matters of the Heart | Mary Fields Testimony

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Last Sunday at The River Church at Tampa Bay we took eight buses and three vans and picked up children and their families for church and a Christmas toy give away. It was an amazing experience to look into the eyes of people as they got on the bus. I had seen some of them only a few days earlier unsaved and without hope. As they got on the bus they were smiling and happy to be going to church.

It is wonderful beyond words to be joined with people of like precious faith full of love and the power of the Holy Spirit whose hearts are for the unsaved. I have been saved for twenty-seven years and have been involved in many aspects of lay ministry. Nothing I have ever done in ministry has been as fulfilling and exciting as bringing souls into the Kingdom.

Last Sunday we had the honor and privilege of ministering the Gospel and demonstrating the love of Jesus to hundreds of children and their families. We were able to impact their lives for eternity, because now they have Jesus in their heart and a place to go to church where they are taught the Word.

Nothing compares with the joy of seeing someone transformed right before my very eyes, because they are not only hearing the good news but they are also being touched by His love and power. I get to do this every week through The River Church soul winning ministry. We go out in teams to areas all over our community. We knock on doors, get on buses, and talk to people on the streets. We find that people are eager to hear about Jesus and make him Lord of their lives.

Matters of the Heart

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This past Sunday was not just another Sunday, but a special Sunday. The atmosphere outside and inside was charged. I have had the privilege to serve in the bus ministry for a while, and have seen a lot of change. Every Sunday the people are coming with expectation. You see their faces as they are leaving the bus to go into the sanctuary, they are shining. You can see that God is about to do something new and fresh in their lives. The people are grabbing a hold of the Word of God and applying it to their lives. We can see on Sunday mornings the expectation on their faces growing and growing. This past Sunday morning was special for me because I got to see the Spanish community going to another level. They are wanting to engage in what is going on at The River. I got to meet new families and shake their hands, and greet them. Some of the people were kind of shy and hesitant when they walked in but by the end of the service they were shining and their countenance was changed. Many went to the altar and gave their lives to Jesus. Even though they could not really understand the worship but I could see that they were worshipping still even with the language barrier. I look forward to what is ahead with the Spanish ministry and pray for even more souls and more lives to be changed. Not only for the Hispanic communities but for all of Tampa. Everything was organized like a military strategy, and flowed together. The love of God was seen and shown to every person that came not just the ones that came to receive the presents and food but for everyone else who was in the service. God is about to do a quick work with souls. And I feel I am in the right place at the right time to help reap this harvest. And I just want to say thank you to Pastors’ Rodney and Adonica for allowing me to help serve and ultimately impact eternity for Christ. Thank you.

Winter Camp Meeting 2010 | Sara Bengtsson Testimony

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I had never been to a camp meeting at The River at Tampa Bay Church before and it was a life changing experience.

I had really high expectations on this week out of what everyone else had told me and my expectations were truly met. Through this camp meeting I wanted God to show me things that He wanted me to accomplish and to show me things far greater than I have ever seen before and He answered my prayers starting the first service.

For a time I had been feeling uncertain and lost regarding my future and my calling. Where I am supposed to be and what God wants me to do. But as the week started I felt more and more confident and safe in what God has for me. Even if I don’t know every step of how my future will turn out I started feeling peace and hope about it. Everyday the same song came to me and the same sentence was trapped in my mind “I will be still and know You are God”.

This week God really opened my eyes again for my home country Sweden and for Europe. I felt a great need and a responsibility to actually set these parts of the world on fire for God. God showed my pictures of myself doing His work and made me realize that everything starts with me and that I am not sitting in these services for my own sake but for the world out there that is waiting for me to take actions. God made me realize that I have a greater calling than to sit behind a desk for the rest of my life. He has placed visions and dreams in me that can’t be fulfilled without me starting to take actions.

I got several amazing experiences with God this camp meeting and most of them started with me giving of myself. By serving almost every service this week I got to realize how much greater it is to give than to receive, but then realizing that by my giving and serving, I am receiving.

Now a few weeks after the winter camp meeting 2010 I have far greater visions and thoughts for my life and my future and I know that it will be nothing but extraordinary.