Winter Camp Meeting | Dayle Wickham Testimony

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This past January we held a winter camp meeting at the river church in Tampa Fl. During this camp meeting I learned about reaping and sowing and about the healing power of God. I had the privilege of working in the RBI and RSW booth I was excited I thought it was just the coolest job to have to get to tell others about the school and what it has done for me. I thought that this was going to be the highlight of my camp meeting experience. However I was mistaken it was not just helping that I would get out of this meeting I would get to see miracles happen and hear about sowing seed and reaping seed. There was one day that I was sitting next to my friend and the power of god was so strong that she could even feel it and it was her first camp meeting. After the meeting that day she spent time telling me that she felt like God had told her to come to the school and if she gave God what he asked of her then he would provide a way for her to be able to come to the school. To see that kind faith in her eyes was so amazing it was like looking at a whole new person.

The day that stuck out the most to me was Friday night I was supposed to be in the children’s area as a guard when my friend relieved that it was my first night time camp meeting I had gone to all the day time meetings but none of the nights so far, so he made it so I could guard in side the camp meeting so that I would get to see what a night meeting was like. There was a guest speaker the speaker was talking about the healing power of God. I remember him doing an alter call for people who had a deaf ear I remember being a little skeptical like how is that going to help fix anything I was not sure that I truly believed that God could heal all the sick people no matter what the sickness was. I saw people with one deaf ear after deaf ear and as they came up out of there sets they began to flood the outer skirts of the stage. And that is when I felt the change that no matter what if we were faithful in the little things that he would be faithful in the litter but if we were faithful in all things then he would be faithful in all things. Seeing the people being heal was a life changing event I could only hope to one day have God us me so mightily .

All in all the winter camp meeting was a fire filled meeting we learn a lot as well as got to hear the pastors testimony and his words that God gave him to share. I have never been to a camp meeting and wanted to stay the whole time until I came to the winter camp meeting at RBI and RSW School.

Holy Spirit Weekend at The River | Sinanseni D Testimony

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Every time i watch testimonies by harvesters, i feel so touched,and when i see the movement of the Holy Ghost, i feel this hunger in me, i am requesting a prayer so that i may be ignited and filled and be equiped to evangelise, i have tried to ring the ministry conact number onthe screen with no success,kindly write to me on the above adress and send me your college prospecters, to God be the Glory, may God continue to use you in the soul winning ministry. from sinanzeni Dhliwayo

Sinanzeni D
Worthing, West Sussex (No State) United Kingdom

God TV | Lynn B Testimony

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As I watched Pastor Rodney, I felt overwhelmed by the love of God. I felt the deepest, purest love for Pastor Rodney, as though it was Gods love being poured out, through me, for Pastor Rodney. I heard the Lord say, This is my son, who blesses my heart, and in whom I am well pleased. The Lord spoke clearly and said that He has not finished His work through you and that an even more powerful anointing is about to be poured out over your life. The words, ‘you aint seen nothing yet’ rang loud in my spirit. Be blessed brother Rodney, you have so blessed our lives.

Lynn B
Portree, Isle of Skye (No State) Scotland