Winter Camp meeting 2009

PLEASE PASS THIS ON DIRECTLY TO PASTOR RODNEY: Dear Rodney and Adonica, This is the most amazing testimony!! We attended the Winter Camp meeting and were received into RMIMA on Thursday night during the camp meeting. Before that, Ted Shuttles worth gave a message for the offering that night on sowing into the Great Awakening Tour and how the Lord sent him to give this message at the meetings. At the end, he said there was someone who could give 100,000 dollars. Then he mentioned how he was to give 10,000 dollars and his friend from Finland was also giving the same amount. Then he mentioned that there were many others who could give 1,000 dollars and that for many it was a sacrificial gift that would open a window to a million dollar flow. He stated that those who gave 10,000 would open a window to a billion dollar flow. We stepped out of our seat and gave a sacrificial offering from our church Passion and Fire Worship Center for 1,000 dollars, because we believe in the Great Awakening Tour and the ministry that God has given to both Rodney and Adonica. We sowed in faith for our own ministry to be provided for as well as giving to the Great Awakening Tour. Through a series of many events in the last week, a gentleman in our congregation had a settlement from his father’s estate which was in unclaimed funds in West VA, mailed to him in the amount of 7.5 million dollars. This man’s testimony alone could fill several pages. The long and short of it is that he has been invited to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show in late April, and several other talk shows and ministry programs. He came to our offices today after only being a member of our church for about 6-7 months and told us how his life has been radically changed by the ministry of the Holy Spirit since he came to Passion and Fire. Then he told us, “I want to give one million dollars to Passion and Fire Worship Center out of my settlement.” He told us that his life has been radically changed by the Holy Spirit by coming to our church and he had to give back, not just the tithe but the offering on top totaling the one million dollars to our church. This is a direct fulfillment to the word that Ted Shuttles worth gave during the Winter Camp meeting that those who gave 1,000 dollars would see the Lord open a window to millions. Yesterday morning, I was calling forth one million dollars and Thursday afternoon, earlier today at about 5pm, in walks this gentleman and tells us that he is giving the church one million dollars!!! Needless to say we are blown away!! We listened several times to your series, “All These Blessings” which you gave us at the camp meeting and now we see and have experienced for ourselves God’s abundant blessings. We should have the check in hand within the next week. And that is not all!! We believe that the Lord is telling us to sow 100,000 thousand dollars to RMI for the Great Awakening tour!!! We don’t know if the $100,000 dollar gift came forth at the camp meeting, but even if it did, we are to be one of those givers when we get this money. We have submitted a proposed budget to our board, but believe that we will be sowing this gift to RMI within the next week. We know this million has come because of the Lord prompting our response during Ted’s Shuttle worth’s message to give 1,000 dollars and now the Lord has brought in our harvest!!!!! Praise the Lord…Hallelujah,…a thousand praises to our God!! WE are sowing to revival and we are obligating the anointing here in Cincinnati, OH!! We love you both and are so happy to be part of this great move!! God bless you both! We are with you! For the Harvest, David and Donna K, Sr. Pastors Passion and Fire Worship Center West Chester, OH (Cincinnati) And in Your Down line more ways than One!!!

Great Awakening Tour City #1 Humble, Texas

Since being connected to the River, I have raised up a small(but growing) church and followed your example and seen the same manifestations in our church as happen at the River. For example, a youth group from Assemblies of God heard that God’s presence was at our church so 20 teens came to our door step on a Sunday night. The power of God fell and several manifestations of the spirit occurred quickly. Their keyboard player got slain in the spirit and when she arose, she was laughing her head off for just short of 2 hours. I later learned that she had been suffering from severe depression up until then, and was a quiet and self-conscious person. My wife gave a word to their pastor’s son that he was mixed up into witchcraft…..and he asked her: “How did you know?” Another young man was there who did not know why he was there but ended up receiving Christ and falling under the power. Another young adult had brought his sister and did not intend to stay. He had many piercings and tattoos. It was so amazing because no one even touched him or laid hands and he fell backwards suddenly and then got up laughing and then crying and then laughing and crying back and forth…..he said to me: “I don’t know what is happening to me!” All of this I attribute to the anointing I have learned at the River. I could go on and on with the amazing miracles and testimonies….but I believe that the biggest compliment I can pay to Dr. Howard-Brown, even more than being at every service, is to actually be out there doing what I have learned at the River. We are out here doing it, and seeing the same miracles ourselves now. That is the highest compliment I can pay you….is to learn it and do it ourselves in the area God has placed us. Thank you for not compromising your focus being completely on the Holy Spirit. You keep the main thing the main thing, and are not diverted. Stay the course and greater rewards are on the way. Thank you for allowing me to visit the River monthly to continue to get my batteries re-charged. Thanks for the Mathew videos. That actor is a traveling speaker, by the way. He goes to a lot of small churches. I would love to see you invite him here to speak, and then get him smashed in the Holy Ghost. It would be an easy thing to arrange, you know. Blessings!! Dan G

Revival Meetings at Life Christian Center, St. Louis, MO

There are so many powerful ways the Lord has touched my life through Pastor Rodney’ ministry, but let me share this with those who may be new to the move of God and the fire of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit’s power is real and it has a lasting effect! It’s now March of 2007 and back in late 1993, not sure of the exact date, I first came to some meetings of Brother Rodney in St. Louis. I had never heard of the church he was ministering at. I had never heard of him or seen the power of God in such a way, and had only been saved and filled with the Spirit less than a year. But in that first meeting, the Presence of the Lord was so strong and he preached on, “Have YOU had a Pentecost?” from Acts 10 and 11. There came a time in the service when he called those who wanted hands laid on them to come, so my friend and I did. When Pastor Rodney came and lightly touched me, the power of God came all over me and I fell under His power. As I lay there with my eyes closed, my hands became heavy and I saw in a vision the anointing (it seemed like a golden liquid) all over my arms, flowing down into my hands where it rested.

They were SO heavy! I laid there a long time and the Lord spoke some wonderful things to me for my personal life and ministry that was to come. He knew the hunger of my heart to see people healed and touched by Jesus as I laid hands on them, and was so good to help my faith. He spoke to me as I lay there that, “Tonight I have allowed you to see and feel my power in your hands to help your faith; now, when you go and lay hands on people, think back and remember this moment so you will KNOW no matter if you feel any power or not that My power is in you and in your hands. Then just believe as you lay hands on them that this heavy anointing you feel tonight will go into them and do a mighty work.” I understood that if I believed, and could get the person in need to believe, then the power that is always in me would manifest and touch them. And I want to testify to the glory of God that since then the Lord has used these hands to heal cancer, arthritis, uncontrolled and soon to be terminal diabetes, back injuries, a growth on a lady’s hand, internal bleeding that the doctors couldn’t find the cause of or fix, and many other things. People have been filled with joy; they have fallen under God’s power, they have felt the “heat” and the “fire” (their words) as I have prayed for them.

One friend of mine I asked to hold my Bible for me as we walked into work on day, and as soon as he took it from me he jumped saying it was hot and it felt like it was on fire, just from being in my hands that the Lord flows through. I could give so many testimonies, but what I really want people to know is that, this was over 13 years ago and the touch of God lasts! IF you keep the fire for Jesus and the gifts of God in you stirred up all the time, that power will always be there to meet your own needs and to bless, heal, set free, work miracles in, and impart fresh fire of love for Jesus to others whenever you let Him work through you. I praise God for Pastor Rodney, but what impressed me most in that first meeting of his, was that the focus wasn’t on him; he seemed to be in the background and it was the Holy Spirit Himself just ministering to the people all over the church. I was so excited about it that I told all my friends and brought a bunch of them the next night, telling them this anointed man was preaching, but really just allowing the Spirit of God to freely come and touch the people in a very real way. But KNOW that whatever touches you are receiving from the Lord at the River, in the River Bible Institute, and other RMI meetings, they are not by the hand of man, but by the hand and power of the Spirit of God working through a yielded vessel, and what He, the Lord does in your life will not only last, but the flow of power increases over time as you grow in your knowledge of and walk with Him. All honor, glory and praise to our great and glorious God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the wonderful Spirit of the Living God! His power is real! And the effects of it last! Rev. Bryan E. A, Anointed Love Ministries, Belleville, IL

A Balanced Inner and Outer Life by Rodney Howard Browne

Rodney Howard Browne shows us a man below the canyon

The Bible is stuffed with references to water. From the creation account where we read that “the Spirit of God was moving over the outer surface of the waters” ( Genesis twelve ), all of the way to the last chapter of Revelation where we’re told of “a brook of the water of life, clear as crystal” that’s flowing from God’s throne ( Revelation 22:1 ), we find masses of occasions where water is discussed in the Scriptures. Because water plays such a big part thru so many scenes found in the Bible, it shouldn’t be surprising to us that water is critical to our well-being and health. It not only cleans our bodies from impurities, it refreshes and satisfies us when we are parched.

But we must not overlook a spiritual dimension. So my soul pants for You, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. Do those words express your feelings? Do you end up parched for a deeper relationship with the living God? Has your world become seared and barren, leaving you like that deer, puffing for the kind of water that may satisfy your soul? Jesus once made a statement that is worth heavy consideration : “If anyone is parched, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture declared, ‘From his innermost being will flow brooks of living water'” ( John 7:37-38 ).

    Be certain that you do not overlook the significance of “living water” in your inner life as you become aware about the price of water in your physical body. People who hope to be fit to serve God need to keep both in balance.

Before you move on with your day, pause and contemplate this : am I giving acceptable time and attention to the cultivation of my inner life? If not, what changes are required to bring my inner life and my outer life into balance? 

Victory Of God by Rodney Howard Browne

Rodney Howard Browne shows us a man below the canyon

God goaded and poked the mulish pride of Saul—that Pharisaic ox. Day after day he kicked against those goads, till ultimately he got the message.

God will do whatever is needed to bring us to a point of comprehensive dependance on Him. He will be able to relentlessly, patiently, faithfully goad till we ultimately and happily submit to Him.

Let’s accept it, you’ll qualify as the best person on your block. You do not cheat on your taxes or purposely lie to your other half. You’ll have never committed what we’d call an outrageous act, saying nothing of seriously wounding someone you adore. You are living a life that is provoking to others, but you are light years from being righteous before God.

Until you’ve surrendered your life to Christ, you are as lost as Saul was on the Damascus road. If you have never made that call, what a great moment this would be if you would set this book aside, bow your heart before the living Christ at this sweet moment, and receive Him as your Savior. You could have been a Christian for some considerable time, but you are adhering to the reins of your own rebel will. You must know that God will goad you too. He’ll bring you to a place in your life where you realize there is not any point in continuing to kick against the goads.

Desire Of God by Rodney Howard Browne

Church in Agony by Rodney Howard Browne

Allegedly, “to kick against the goads” was a standard expression found in both Greek and Latin literature—a agricultural image, which rose from the practice of farmers goading their oxen in the fields. Though unfamiliar to us, everyone in that day accepted its meaning.

Goads were sometimes made of slim pieces of timber, blunt on one end and pointed on the other. Farmers utilised the pointed end to urge a dour ox into motion.

Often , the beast would kick at the goad. The more the ox kicked, the more probable the goad would stab into the flesh of its leg, causing bigger agony. Saul’s conversion could seem to us as having been a unexpected skirmish with Christ. But based totally on the Lord’s expression relating to his kicking back, I think He’d been working on him for ages prodding and goading him.

I think the words and works of Jesus haunted the enthusiastic Pharisee. Equivalent in age, they would be contemporaries in a town Saul knew well and Jesus often visited. The more it goaded him, the more that he resisted God’s proddings. His words and works follow you deep in your conscience.

That is the reason why I inspire folk who are heightening their attempts to withstand the Gospels’ claims to look at the life of Christ—to inspect scrupulously His charming words. The general public who sincerely pursue them can’t leave Him without at least reevaluating their lives.